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This little table is intended for those who are interested in functionality and reliability of equipment. We like to stress, that we only have ONE item in use and therefore can not represent a huge trial. This one item has to work or not. In case we had to contact the manufacturer this will be mentioned in the „statement column“. We hope to be of some help to anyone unsure of equipment he should buy.




Inverter EC 2000S 12V, bought in 6/2004, in use since 4/2005!

Berel Electronic, Kreuzwertheim, www.berel.de

After one month the inverter suddenly expelled smoke and refused to work. One call to Berel and they sent a spare motherboard to Greece without advance payment. I only had to sent the old one back and to cover the postage. Very friendly people and it really took only a couple of days for the motherboard to arrive on a small island in Greece.

Windlass Tiger 1200W, 12V, bought in 1/2004, in use since 4/2005


Up to now no problems, except the fact that the documentation for the electrical connections is not listed anywhere. But if you understand some basics of electricity it should be no problem to figure it out where to connect where the wiring.

Windpilot Pacific, in use since 4/2005


Works quite and stable for 3-7 Bft if the boat is trimed sufficently. This should cover more than 90% of the time a boat is under sail!

Tillerpilot Simrad TP32, in use since 4/2005

Simrad, Kongsberg

Works stable while using the engine, not very stable when sailing. But for sailing we use the windpilot and for sure when adapting the settings the performance while under sails would rise significantly. Unfortunately he stopped working after one year, as a magnetic pin has damaged one of the electronic boards. Repaired on waranty!

Vetus Diesel M4.15, 33PS bought in 12/2003, in use since 4/2005


Starts promptly, runs stable and needs no oil up to now.

Refrigerator compressor and heat exchanger


Read the installation instruction very carefully and than nothing serious should happen and it should work.

Solarventilator, in use since 5/2004

Seaworld Taiwan, Bezug über Euromarine, Eching

Had to be replaced after 2 months as water has get into the small solarpanel and destroyed it. Replacemrnt was sent under warranty. Since then no problems.

Dorade ventilator

Vetus, distributed by SVB, Bremen, Germany

Well working and are tight. Even while sailing against strong headwinds and water flushing over the deck, no water got into the ship!


Orca, Dorsten

No problems up to now, except that the reefline needs some force to be pulled.

Mainsail and Blister

Lee-Sails, Hong Kong, distributed via Flensburg, Germany

Fast and reliable delivering of sails. Sails fit exactly as ordered.


Lavac WC, distributed by SVB Bremen, Germany

No problems up to now

Rope windlasses

Andersen, Orca, Dorsten, Germany

No problems up to now


Euromarine, Eching, Germany

Very cheap, but minimum quantity is 150 or even 200m! Up to now no extensive wear was discovered.


Euromarine, Eching, Germany

One of the few things I would do different next time. I would prefer fixed tanks of PE or PP. Those flexible tanks provide too much of their own flavour to the water stored.


Siemens M55

Bought as used ones and 220W provide enough energy for daily needs (including use of washing machine)!


Carib 8L (2.4 x 1.65m)

Rubber dinghy we use daily. And the 17 inch tubes combined with a rigid bottom provide a reliable and stable construction.


Suzuki 9.9HP

Bought as an used one. Starts very easily and made no problems up to now. Planning is easily possible.



Up to now no problems with the 100Ah (4 batteries) and the 60Ah engine stater battery

Paper Sea-charts

Tidesend, USA

Fast delivery, to be paid via credit card. As one chart is only 4.95$ (in folios) this is the cheapest source of paper charts we know.


ECH2OTEC, Trinidad

Model 380DML2 (60l/h at 38Amp), delivery will be in a huge crate anywhere you want to have it. Supplied connectors, fittings, .. are sufficient although depending on your plans some hose or hoseclamps should be at your hand. Cables or other electrical installation equipment are not included.


Aerogen Ltd.

Aero6Gen, a very quite one. Your neighbours will notice this!


Hempel Yachtpaints

The 1 component paint disintegrated after only a few months, so we had to repaint the whole hull after 10 months. We repainted with 2-component polyurethan paint, AWL-Grip!