A family's dream of freedom becomes true

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This is the Crew of the „Mimpi Manis“:

Stephan: responsible father, Skip, engine-man, ship's doctor and main initiator of this adventure

Born in 69, he studied medicine (specialised in infectious diseases and tropical medicine) and changed to the pharmaceutical industry 5 years ago after dealing with patients for 4 years. Since than he dealt with pharmacovigilance. He likes to tell his boss: „either 7 months of unpaid holidays or I must quit my job here, as I need to make a longer trip to ....!“ Fluent in Swabian, German and English, not so fluent in Spanish and Indonesian.

Experience in sailing: 1200sm

Evi: responsible mother, responsible for food and navigation

Born in 70 she studied applied economics. Gathered a lot of experience in controlling of basic food like beer and butter. Likes to quit her job to travel around. She's missing the Octoberfest and her Volleyball-club. Fluent in Bavarian, German, English, Spanish and French.

Experience in sailing: 300sm

Lena: ordinary seaman and the majority if in doubt

Born in 2004 she is more entertainment than any other possibility like cinema, television, reading, ... Sometimes she is tearful, but most of the time she is nice and in need of moral support. She likes water, especially if salty and warm and with sandy beaches not far. Has not been seasick up to now even not when having 8Bft and waves up to 4m. At this times she likes to play and having her meals as usually. She likes being in the water and has no fear at all while going diving. Since a few weeks she not also speaks Bavarian and Swabian but also German and some words of English, Spanish and French. Likes playing with Duplo and takes care of her cow Rezy. There is no possibility that she will fall asleep without her cow. In her arms. Recently she has another favourite, her little sister Sophie.

Experience in sailing: 0sm

Sophie: ordinary seaman and youngest crewmember

Born on 1st of April 2007 she lives on board since she is born. Thanks to her ever travelling parents she has an exotic place of birth: “Fort de France, Martinique”. She is beloved by her big sister and her parents and all other sailors. Up to now she only likes milk but maybe in near future this might change. She really like to be on a sailing boat as she sleeps sound and long and only cries when she is hungry or her guts need an rearrangement.

Deckhands: 31 penguins

Those are the deckhands and of course they tell us what they want or not. They even founded an union to protect their interests. But they are always complaining, either it is too hot, too cold, too windy, or they don't get enough fish or or or ... But having them as stuffed dolls is always nice for Lena.

Fridolin: very modest helmsman, he just needs wind to steer „Mimpi Manis“

Built in 2005, he joined the crew from the very first start

Oskar: not a modest helmsman, he has a strong need for electricity to steer „Mimpi Manis“

Built in 2005, he joined the crew from the very first start

Sometimes Grandmother an Grandfather joins the crew to be near to their grandchildren. Although it will become crowdy on the „Mimpi Manis“, they don't mind just to be near to Lena and Sophie.