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In November 2003 we (Evi and me) ordered an aluminium hull at a small firm, Rehberger in Unterwössen. „Mimpi Manis“ is a licensed construction of a S11 designed by the German designer Reinke.

Why did we built our boat ourselves and not buy one? It was not easy for us to decide on this but after having a deeper look at standard yachts we found them all not useful for our needs, as there were to many berths and too less stow away space and the tanks also were too small. On the other hand, those ships suitable for our needs were either to expensive or the quality of the works did not meet our understanding of good work!

All metal-works were done at Rehberger and we did all the other stuff like isolation, wood work, electric and water installation, ...

The hull was delivered on 21st of May 2004 and since that day we worked quite a lot on „Mimpi Manis“. In the end we managed it to become ready for the transport terminated for the 18th of April 2005. As we had not had the possibility of a shop to protect us from weather we were at the weathers mercy. For those who knew on the winter 2004/2005 there was a long period of ice and snow lasting till March.

Isolation works, bulkheads and other wood works, electric installation, water installation, lots of paintings inside and outside and always hoping that nothing has been overlooked. To remember, it was the first time we built a ship and usually you overlook some matters. Watertanks to be installed, engine, heating,, ... and still hoping not to have overlooked anything. Altogether we needed 1800 working hours to complete „Mimpi Manis“ from start of works on 22nd of May 2004 till 2 weeks after putting here into water in April 2005. This does not include any time needed to think on details or time needed to organize building materials.

As planned already in summer 2004 we were ready to put „Mimpi Manis“ into the salty water of the mediteranean sea on 19th of April 2005 in Koper, Slovenia.

Mimpi Manis“ did what she was intended to do, she floated and nearly everything worked normal. Those few items not working normal were repaired or replaced within a couple of days and than we left for Greece and the warmth and sun of the south.

Pictures below were taken during the different phases of construction. Please note that the later ones are at the end.